Passions, Projects, and Philosophies


Flawed Machines is the inspirational culmination of science-fiction, philosophical fiction, and epic tales read/learned during years of school and life experiences. Many various authors fueled this story, including Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Daniel Quinn, and Oscar Wilde.

The philosophical teachings from the author's university days played a major role in developing the character motivations within Flawed Machines. Some courses to be acknowledged are Philosophy of Science, epistemology, Knowledge and Reality, morality, Formal Deductive Logic, political philosophy, and psychology.


Blind Beholder is a crime-drama from the viewpoint of Allynce, a band of outcasts obsessed with cutting their city at its knees. Whether they can escape the clutches of Nadie City's beloved hero and implement their dire plan or be doomed to failure falls at the feet of Allynce.